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Affordable CBD in Greenville SC

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New CBD Store in Greenville SC
November 19, 2019
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Picking the Right CBD Product
November 21, 2019

Finding CBD in Greenville isn’t hard. Finding high quality, affordable CBD products with expert insight into usage and expectations is much harder than it should be. Amazing Grace Hemp Company is determined to fix that by providing free consultations and detailed information about the CBD products in our store, what you can reasonably expect from taking CBD, and other important information such as potential pharmaceutical drug interactions.

We don’t make our own CBD products. Our team worked for over a year to select the best brands from across the US to carry in our store because when it comes to health and wellness, trust is everything. Our team includes a certified herbalist and a CBD product specialist who spent the last year visiting trade shows, talking to companies online, testing samples, and more to find the best products on the market.

While we will not compromise quality for price, we were able to find many brands that offer CBD products at prices for every budget. We make it possible for everyone to integrate CBD into their health and wellness plans without breaking the bank. Our stores even have full product menus with pricing broken down into “Cost of Daily Dose” for full price transparency on everything we sell in our store.

We are also proud to offer the following permanent discounts at all our locations:

  • 30% Off for Active Service & Military Veterans
  • 30% Off for Low Income Individuals
  • 30% Off for Long Term Disability
  • 10% Off for Residents & Workers in The Village
  • 10% Off for Social Media Share of Purchase

We can work with any budget to find the right fit for any customer from the wide selection of affordable CBD products at our store. Feel free to call in with any questions you have or come by the store. Pull up a seat, let us make you a cup of tea or coffee, and learn more about CBD, our products, and your health. We are here to help!

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