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Things to Know About Buying CBD Gifts for Others (or Yourself)

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Picking the Right CBD Product
November 21, 2019
cbd gift buying guide

We get it – the holidays are stressful and CBD is an exciting new product. Many people take CBD for stress and what better time to buy it for yourself or someone else than the holidays? We all love our family and while thoughts of slipping CBD into someone’s drink (please don’t!) to make the holidays less stressful for everyone, there are a few important factors to consider when buying CBD as a gift.

CBD exploded onto the scene due to video proofs of it helping young children with seizures. Does that mean it will help your favorite family member calm down these holidays so everyone can enjoy a more Silent Night? Maybe. There are a myriad of studies being conducted to gather more scientific data into the potential benefits of CBD, but the majority of evidence right now is anecdotal. We are excited to see the results of the scientific studies of CBD as we are big believers in its future, but for now, it is important to remember that CBD must be considered an all-natural product with a fair degree of trial and error involved in figuring out how it can best give you what you need.

Because that is the case, we have worked for over a year to find CBD products that are ethically sourced, high quality, and affordable. We are products priced for every budget from entry-level CBD tinctures and topicals at low prices to artisan CBD blended with other all natural ingredients for enhanced value.

1. Think through why you are buying CBD

CBD is taken by people for many different reasons. The three most common reasons are anxiety, pain, and insomnia. There are people who claim CBD can help with a number of different factors but it is certainly not a silver bullet for all your health problems. What you want CBD to do is important to think through and research before purchasing. There are many variables in play when it comes to finding the right product, and you being well-armed with information and expectations is the best way to help you get results.

2. Consider how you want to take CBD

CBD is available for sale in many forms – tinctures, salves, balms, roll ons, edibles, drinks, vape, bath products… and the list goes on. The methods of taking CBD affect potential results so it is important to know what those are. We wrote an introductory blog post covering the most common ways to take CBD called Picking the Right CBD Product. Please read the article, do your own research, and talk to one of our experts before buying CBD!

3. Pay attention to the source

Not all CBD is created equal. Just like you wouldn’t buy your vitamins from any old company at a gas station, don’t buy your CBD just anywhere. There’s probably a very good reason why it’s so cheap and that’s not because that unknown CBD company being sold at the convenience store has lowered their prices out of the goodness of their heart.

Look for CBD that is derived from hemp grown in the US. The two top sources of US-grown hemp are Oregon and Colorado. Their climate and long-running cannabis culture means they can grow the best hemp on the market today. That doesn’t mean other states don’t have good hemp – they do. But research the company making the product to learn where their hemp is grown and why they chose it. The CBD companies creating high quality products will gladly talk about this part of the process because they know it is critical to creating a high-quality CBD product. If a company won’t discuss the source of their hemp, consider that a major red flag… and we all know “that one uncle” will bring enough red flags to your holiday get together. Don’t add a new one to the mix!

4. Independently verify CBD before buying

Along with determining the source of the hemp plant itself for any CBD product you are buying, verify the company who made it. CBD is currently an unregulated product meaning anyone can buy CBD, make a product, and sell it anywhere they can. ALWAYS RESEARCH the product you are considering purchasing. Any CBD company who is taking on themselves to create a high-quality product will include copious amounts of information on their website and/or social media. These are the people who believe in the potential benefits of CBD for people and pets and are working hard to independently set standards and guidelines for their products and the industry.

No company making a good CBD product today will hide their information regarding sourcing and quality control. Every product we sell in our stores and online has full information about it and the company who makes it. We believe strongly that CBD has many good benefits and we only carry companies with full information because that is who we want to support and we can provide our customers with the best products on the market.

5. CBD Labeling vs Dosing

This is often a very confusing subject for people new to CBD. We will do our best to explain it simply and give you the tools to understand what you are buying and how to take it.

The total amount of CBD in a product is the largest number on the label. This does not correlate to the size of the bottle or container the product is in – 1000mg of CBD can be fit into a 0.5oz bottle and up. This is most confusing for tinctures as some people believe a 1000mg tincture means they are taking that much every time. This is not true – it all depends on the size of the bottle and how much of the actual liquid you are taking each time.

For example, if you buy a 1000mg tincture in a 30ml bottle then 1ml has 33mg of CBD. Most droppers in a tincture bottle can hold 1ml of liquid. This means if you take a full dropper of liquid from a 1000mg/30ml bottle, then you are taking 33mg CBD at a time. If you take a half dropper from the same bottle, then you are taking 16.5mg CBD at a time. Determining how much CBD you are taking and how much you need is important to self-regulating so next time you are shopping for CBD, pull out the calculator and figure out how much you need to take and how much it costs per mg!

6. Buy from an educated expert

We cannot stress this enough. For example, did you know that CBD can negate the effects of any medication that has the grapefruit warning? The vast majority of people do not know this, including those selling it at many stores! This is critical information that directly affects peoples’ health yet is a very little known fact. (Also another reason why slipping it into mom’s coffee is not a good idea!)

CBD is only one of hundreds of compounds and phytonutrients in the hemp plant. From knowing how it will affect your results on drug test and medical complications to finding the right type and treatment, CBD is not the “magical cure all” that many snake oil salesmen would have you believe. It is a beautiful and potentially beneficial all-natural product that has many people saying it helps, but please do your research and talk to someone who understands CBD well before buying it.

The holidays can be stressful and we too are tempted at the thought to buy a few certain relatives CBD as a gift for everyone at the family reunion, but please do your research and make sure you are making an informed decision and truly helping others… or yourself!

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